Toruń Centre for Astronomy
Nicolaus Copernicus University

News (June 2013)

Cherenkov Telescope Array

prof. dr hab. Bronisław Rudak

Zaprezentowane zostaną:
- historia naziemnej astronomii gamma i geneza CTA
- projekt i realizacja CTA
- kluczowe cele naukowe
- udział polskich instytucji w CTA.

LOFAR - opening a new window on the Universe

dr hab. Krzysztof Chyży, OA UJ

LOFAR, the LOw-Frequency ARray, is a new-generation radio interferometer constructed in the north of the Netherlands and across Europa. Utilizing a novel phased-array design, LOFAR covers the largely unexplored low-frequency range from 10–240MHz and provides a number of unique observing capabilities. An overview of the instrument, the core science objectives, first observational results, and the Polish plan to get involved in exploring the low-frequency Universe will be presented.