Toruń Centre for Astronomy
Nicolaus Copernicus University

Wolf-Rayet features observed in the spectrum of the symbiotic nova PU Vulpeculae

Tomov T., Zamanov R., Iliev L., Mikolajewski M., Georgiev L.

Observations from July 1990 to January 1991 show a strong Balmer continuum and Balmer emission lines in the spectrum of PU Vul. The presence of Wolf-Rayet features in the spectrum corresponding to those of a star of spectral class WN8 is noted. At the end of December 1990 and the beginning of January 1991 changes in the profiles of the H I lines and an increase of the emissions of He I and nebular lines Ne III and O III are observed.

Novae, Stellar Physics, Stellar Spectra, Symbiotic Stars, Wolf-Rayet Stars, Balmer Series, Emission Spectra, Radial Velocity, Stellar Spectrophotometry