Toruń Centre for Astronomy
Nicolaus Copernicus University

High performance astrophysical fluid simulations using InSilicoLab framework

Hanasz Michał, Kowalik Kacper, Gawryszczak Artur, Wóltański Dominik

With the advent of the PL-Grid Infrastructure, Polish scientists have been equipped with substantial computational resources forming favorable conditions for the development of all research areas relying on numerical simulation techniques. To reduce the barriers inhibiting the start of the newcomers to the field of computational astrophysics, we have implemented a web-based workspace for astrophysical simulation codes based on InSilicoLab framework [19]. InSilicoLab for Astrophysics is a solution dedicated to astrophysicists intending to conduct a numerical experiment using the PL-Grid Infrastructure. It serves as an interface for the multi-purpose, magnetohydrodynamical, open-source software PIERNIK. InSilicoLab for Astrophysics vastly softens the learning curve of advanced astrophysical simulations, bringing new possibilities for scientists and students.