Toruń Centre for Astronomy
Nicolaus Copernicus University

About stability of libration points in the restricted photogravitational three body problem

Gozdziewski Krzysztof, Maciejewski Andrzej J., Niedzielska Zuzanna

The analysis focuses on the nonlinear stability of the triangular libration point for all parameters to compare the results with previous work. A method is developed which can treat the problems in which stability cannot be characterized by the four-parameter family of Hamiltonian systems. The function D4 as described by Kumar and Choudhry (1987) is contradicted because for any value of the parameter mu there exists a curve on a plane for which D4 is equal to zero.

Gravitational Effects, Libration, Three Body Problem, Hamiltonian Functions, Nonlinear Systems, Orbital Resonances (Celestial Mechanics)